Photography has allowed me freedom to be with my family while doing something that I love.  When I'm not behind the camera I am with my kids, they are my world and I wouldn't have it any other way.  We love to be outside, go for bike rides and read as many books as we can.  When I have free time ( which is rare ) I love to read, exercise, be crafty and snuggle my husband.  

I began taking photos early on in my life, it was something I was always drawn to and in high school one of my favorite places in the school was the dark room ( that was before digital, man I feel old ). From there I went to college and studied commercial and portrait photography and 3 years later I was out in the world.  It's been 15 years now and I am so grateful that I get to do what I do.

so glad you are here!

I'm Amy, photographer,Doula,Wife,mother and seeker of beautiful moments.

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When I was young I always wanted a polaroid but they were to expensive.  Well, now that I'm all grown up I not only bought one but I can't stop using it.  My kids love it too and my son has them all over his room.........a boy after my own heart.  There is just something about that instant gratification paired with that vintage flair that gets me everytime!

I LOVE polaroids a lot!

I was blessed by the universe when I met my now husband in high school at the age of 17.  It was truly love at first sight and I knew the moment he held my hand for the first time that that was it.  Now 20 years later he still gives me butterflies everytime I see him.  We made the two cutest kids and I am so grateful for our amazing life together. 

My husband and I have been together 20 years!

Not only are these delicious but they are especially special to me for another reason.  When my husband and I were trying to have children it did not go as planned.  It was a long road and filled with heartache.  For some reason, I can't think why now, we decided not to buy these until we got pregnant.  Well, when we finally did, man were they delicious!

Do I really need to say anything else...I mean really

I love the color yellow.  As you can see from this image with my daughter.  It just makes a person feel happier don't you think?  Even my glasses are yellow :)

Yellow is my absolute favorite color.






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Fun Facts about me!

Fun facts

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I know having your photograph taken can seem scary and even stressful, but that is where I come in.  Making you, your family, friends and loved ones comfortable is my goal......and I'm pretty good at it if I don't mind saying!  I want your photography experience to be fun, light and entertaining so that we can capture some amazing moments and create some memories.

I value the moments that are real and raw. The moments that you cannot imagine not being able to relive, and that's why I'm here. So that you can relive those days, over and over.

My Philosophy